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UFOs in US Airspace: An Increase in Sightings and Unanswered Questions
UFOs in The US Airspace: An Increase in Sightings and Unanswered Questions

US Airspace

In recent weeks, the US military has reported several instances of shooting down unidentified flying objects in American airspace, leading to increased discussions about the potential risks and implications of these sightings. The January intelligence report showed a significant increase in UFOs sightings, raising questions about the mystery surrounding these unidentified flying objects.

Increased Sightings

The report indicated that the number of UFO sightings significantly increased between March 2021 and August 2022, with 247 new sightings reported, mostly by the US Navy and Air Force pilots and personnel. This is almost double the 144 UFO sightings reported in the 17-year period between 2004 to 2021. The increase in sightings may be attributed to the Pentagon’s effort to encourage service personnel to report any sky anomalies, reducing the stigma surrounding reporting UFO sightings.

Investigation Efforts

In response to the rising number of sightings, the Pentagon has established the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office to investigate credible UFO sightings by the US military and intelligence community. This is part of the ongoing effort to make sense of over 500 credible UFO sightings in recent decades.

Findings from the Intelligence Report

The report found that a large number of the sightings were balloons or balloon-like entities, while some were unmanned aircraft systems (drones). However, there were 171 unidentified object sightings with no explanation, some of which demonstrated unusual flight capabilities. The report also highlights the concerns for the safety of flight, as these sightings continue to occur in restricted or sensitive airspace. It also suggests that the sightings could be attributed to adversary collection activity, raising questions about foreign powers potentially spying on sensitive military installations.



The public deserves to know the truth behind the unidentified flying objects in American airspace. It is imperative for Congress to convene hearings to get to the bottom of this mysterious phenomenon and address any potential risks to national security. Let us uncover the truth and find answers to the unexplained UFO sightings.”

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