Ola Electric Recalled for Front Suspension Upgrade: Free Upgrade Option Available

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Ola Electric Recalled for Front Suspension Upgrade

Hello India! News in the world of electric scooters India, as Ola has announced a recall to address the front suspension issue on their S1 model. This is the first time we’ve seen such a unique recall announcement.

Ola scooters

Many owners have reported issues with the front fork being weak and unable to withstand big impacts. Some have even shared images of their broken front suspension. After much concern from the public, it has finally addressed the issue in an official statement.

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In their statement, Ola acknowledges that there have been concerns about the safety of the front fork arm, but they assure us that this is unfounded. According to Ola, all components of their scooters, including the front fork arm, are thoroughly tested under extreme conditions and engineered with a factor of safety much higher than the typical loads encountered on vehicles.

The company has upgraded the front fork design to enhance durability and further strengthen it as part of itss continuous engineering and design improvement process. This statement and the fact that they are addressing the issue shows that there were definitely some issues with the front fork that the company was ignoring for a long while.

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In an interesting twist, It is giving customers the option to upgrade to the new front fork. This is a unique approach to a recall that we haven’t seen before. Customers can book their appointment to upgrade to the new front fork by contacting the Ola Experience Centre or Service Centre. This upgrade will be done free of cost, and appointment windows will open starting from 22nd March. The company will reach out to owners with detailed information on the appointment process.

If you own an Ola scooter, we highly recommend booking your appointment as soon as possible to get the front fork replaced and ensure your safety on the road.

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