How to Drive Newly Purchased Motorcycle: Master the Art of Efficiency

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The Ultimate Two-Wheeler Driving Guide

“Bike Break-In: A Key Factor in Maintaining Optimal Performance and Longevity”

Bike Performance Dip: I often heard bike lovers complaining about their machine’s dip in performance after a few weeks of routine riding. It remains a riddle for them as they are not able to find the cause and starts doubting their choice. However, the devil lies in the details. It’s not always a manufacturer’s fault.

You should learn how to drive for the first few kilometers for getting good mileage and performance and also an enhanced life span.


“Maximizing Bike Performance: An Engineer’s Guide to Avoiding Engine Irregularities and Impurities in Your Two-Wheeler”

Engines are made so refined these days by all the manufacturers but being an engineer myself I can tell you that even a highly refined engine part has micro irregularities and there are some microparticles present on the surfaces of engine parts. These irregularities and impurities are carried out from the engine along with circulated engine oil.
So, if you have handled your motorcycle in an aggressive manner within the first few kilometers then its engine may get heated and detonated and may lose its performance for the whole life span. Prevention is better than cure, in this article I will share with you the self-tested driving guide for your newly purchased motorcycle based on my professional and personal experience in the automotive industry.

First things first – How to use self-start

“New Bike Break-In Guide: A Step-by-Step Approach to Properly Condition Your Two-Wheeler Engine for Optimal Performance”

Right after getting the bike keys, start your bike using a self-starter by holding it for 2 seconds. Then let the bike Engine run at idle r.p.m. for at least 2 minutes, don’t provide any acceleration at this point. After these two minutes of idle run now your bike is ready for its first drive.
For the first 10 Km, it is recommended to drive below a speed of 25 km/hr, then take a short break of 5 to 10 minutes so that the engine oil settles down.

Now start your journey with the bike but don’t accelerate beyond 40 km/hr for the next 10 Km. It is recommended not to go for long drives for a few days. Driving continuously for more than 75 km or more is not good even if you have to go for a long drive then, don’t drive it continuously for more than 35 km.

Check the engine for heating in intervals. If you are experiencing heat, it’s better to take a short break.

How to drive till 1st service period

“The Essential Guide to Gradually Increasing Bike Performance: Maximize Your Two-Wheeler’s Potential with Careful Handling before First Service”

After covering the first 20 km with your Bike. Now you can drive it up to 4,000 r.p.m.

This means you can accelerate your bike up to a speed range of 50-55 km/hr. It is recommended not to cross this speed limit until 1st service. Let the engine run smoothly without trouble.
The period of time before 1st service requires careful handling of your vehicle, so treat it in a very gentle manner as your bike is getting ready for long drives.

How to drive till 2nd service

“Reaping the Benefits of Proper Bike Break-In: Achieve Maximum Mileage and Performance with a Safe and Consistent Approach after First Service”

After the first service is done, your bike will start giving claimed mileage and performance but remember this will happen only if you handled it with care during the initial few kilometers. Duration of time before 2nd service is the period in which you should reach 80% of full power r.p.m.
Let’s understand better: If the bike is claimed to give 16 b.h.p at 8500 r.p.m. then 80% of 8500 means 6800 r.p.m. Now you can accelerate it up to 6800 r.p.m. in general bikes run at speed of 78-85 km/hr at 6800 r.p.m.
But try to drive in a decent and non-aggressive way, and don’t test its limits too early

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How to drive after 2nd service till 3rd

If you have followed the previous instructions then your motorbike is now ready to touch its top speed. The purpose of mentioning this point is to make you aware that it’s not just the motorbike but any product will only give its best performance if you have handled it with care in the beginning.

cafe racer
cafe racer


I have seen people who could not get even half the claimed mileage and there are riders getting more mileage than claimed by the manufacturer.
If you enjoy rash driving, off-road driving, racing, etc. do all that you love to but don’t forget to obey the manufacturer’s instructions.

Believe me, if you will follow all my suggestions you will enjoy riding in the long run. Otherwise, the enjoyment of the motorcycle rides will last for only a few days.

Tip: Your bike also talks with you but you should learn to interpret.

If you have any doubt please write to us. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Do obey traffic rules as well and always wear helmets, safety gloves, and other PPE.

Please provide your useful feedback, Suggestions, and comments.

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