How synchromesh gearbox works

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synchromesh gearbox
synchromesh gearbox

synchromesh gearbox Definition:

A synchromesh gearbox is a type of manual transmission that uses synchronizers to match the speed of the gears before engaging them, allowing for smoother and faster shifting between gears.

Synchromesh gearboxes are commonly used in modern cars and other vehicles with manual transmissions. The synchronizers are small brass or steel cones or rings that match the speeds of the gears before they are engaged, reducing the wear on the gears and allowing for smoother, quieter, and faster shifting. This type of gearbox is preferred by many drivers because it allows for easy shifting between gears, even at high speeds or under heavy loads, without causing damage to the transmission. Synchromesh gearboxes are often found in sports cars and high-performance vehicles because they provide better performance and control than other types of manual transmissions.

sunchormesh gear box

Step-by-step working of Synchromesh Gearbox

  1. The driver selects a gear by moving the gear selector lever, which engages the shifter fork and sleeve that is attached to the gear they wish to engage.
  2. The sleeve is attached to the synchronizer assembly, which includes a cone-shaped brass or steel synchro ring.
  3. The synchro ring is attached to a blocking ring that prevents the gear from engaging until the synchro ring matches its speed.
  4. As the driver begins to move the shifter fork towards the desired gear, the synchronizer assembly begins to rotate with the engine and the transmission input shaft.
  5. The synchro ring is spinning at the same speed as the transmission input shaft and is brought into contact with a corresponding synchro ring on the gear that is being engaged.
  6. Friction between the two synchro rings causes the sleeve and gear to begin rotating at the same speed as the transmission input shaft, matching their speeds.
  7. Once the speeds are matched, the blocking ring can be moved aside, allowing the gear to engage smoothly and without any grinding or damage to the transmission.
  8. The driver releases the clutch pedal to transfer power from the engine to the gearbox, and the vehicle begins to move.
  9. To change to a different gear, the driver must repeat the process by selecting the new gear, engaging the synchromesh assembly, and matching the speeds of the two gears before engaging the blocking ring and releasing the clutch.
Synchromesh Gearbox
Synchromesh Gearbox

By using the synchronizer Dogs to match the speeds of the gears before engaging them, a synchromesh gearbox allows for smoother and more efficient shifting, while reducing wear and tear on the transmission.

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