Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment has agreed to merge with UFC to form a new publicly traded company controlled by Endeavor Group

The deal values WWE at $9.3 billion and UFC, which is owned by Endeavor, at $12.1 billion,totaling $21.4 billion.

Endeavor will own a 51% stake in the new combat sports and entertainment company, while WWE shareholders will have the remaining 49%,

WWE has a market valuation of about $6.5 billion whereas Endeavor has a market cap of about $10 billion

WWE features scripted matches and soap opera-like storylines, while UFC showcases authentically brutal mixed martial arts fighting

They share similarities in terms of content and culture. Several UFC fighters, like Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar, have wrestled for WWE

Vince McMahon made huge money in the deal, his stake in the WWE is 38%, meaning the deal is worth $3.53 billion for him

Ari Emanuel, the current CEO of Endeavor, will take on the same role with the new company already dubbed as "UFC 2.0"