1. Latest major labor action in media industry as news organizations face headwinds and cutbacks.

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2. NBC employees to walk off the job for 24 hours in protest of layoffs of 7 union journalists.

3.NBC News Digital union files unfair labor charge over cuts and alleged deunionization of MSNBC digital staffers.


4.Union members to protest at NBC's 30 Rock office building

The walkout is a demonstration of the growing frustration among media workers against company management over employment issues.

NBC News: "Disappointed by NewsGuild's misrepresentation of facts while working in good faith."


 Tate James (NBC video editor and union chair): NBC management excluding union from key employee matters, leading to walkout


 Union files 6 charges of unfair labor practice with NLRB, but process could take years. Union chair says people are fed up with waiting for resolution.

Union chair: Consumers may not notice walkout but company will. "Our ask: Follow the law and respect employees

This December NY Times employees participate in first work stoppage in decades to protest handling of employment issues.


It's unclear what the outcome of the walkout at NBC and MSNBC will be, but it marks another instance of workers in the media industry taking a stand against company management over employment issues. As the media industry continues to face challenges and cutbacks, it's possible that similar actions could be taken in the future