Chinese automobile manufacturer Baojun, owned by SAIC has copied the Suzuki Jimny or the Suzuki Hustler, which is also based on the Jimny.

Chinese copycat of Maruti Jimny

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but the Chinese automotive industry has taken it to a whole new level with these cloned car

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When it comes to automotive design, China's copycat culture is more of a curse than a blessing

These shameless Chinese car knockoffs may look like the real deal, but don't be fooled - they're just cheap imitations.

From the Landwind X7 to the Geely GE, these Chinese automakers have taken inspiration a little too far.

Why bother innovating when you can just copy and paste? These Chinese car manufacturers seem to have taken this approach to heart

The Chinese automotive industry has faced criticism for copying foreign designs, but will they ever step out of the shadows and create their own unique designs?

The Honda Grom may be a fan favorite, but Chinese knockoffs are tarnishing its reputation and putting riders at risk.

It's not just cars that China is copying - even iconic motorcycles like the Ducati Panigale are copied

In a world where intellectual property is king, China's automotive industry seems to be operating in a lawless Wild West

While imitation may be a shortcut to success, these cloned cars are nothing more than an insult to the original designers and engineers who poured their hearts and souls into creating them.