Hugo Chavez was thought to be a good leader, but he wanted to be  president forever which was not good. Venezuela's oil wealth didn't  improve people's lives because the government was corrupt.

10.  Venezuela

Cambodia is beautiful, but it's hard to get things done without bribing officials. The country lacks a fair voting system, making it difficult for citizens to bring about change.

9.  Cambodia 

8.  North Korea 

Similar to Cambodia, North Korea operates through bribery. Advancement  depends on pleasing officials. Escaping the country requires paying  large sums to border guards. 

Guinea is a beautiful country, but it's in trouble. It was very poor  until 2008 when a mining deal helped. However, the deal was corrupt, and  now the UK and US are investigating. Corruption is so widespread that  no one within the country can investigate. 

7.  Guinea 

Equatorial Guinea is a poor country despite having abundant natural  resources and international buyers. The wealth is concentrated at the  top, leaving most citizens without basic necessities. People rely on  bribing officials for access to food and water 

6.  Equatorial Guinea 

Zimbabwe's economy is in trouble due to hyperinflation. Citizens must  pass extensive exams for well-paying jobs, but the education system is  poorly regulated. The educated upper class charges a large fee for  taking tests and writing papers for the uneducated. 

5.  Zimbabwe 

In Sudan, the government operates secretly and often lacks organization.  The country relies on bribery, and being related to someone in power  guarantees winning an election, regardless of the actual results. 

4.  Sudan 

In Myanmar, corruption is easy because a few people own almost  everything. While the country earns a lot from selling natural  resources, the wealthy upper class still controls all business deals and  bribery is common. Foreigners wanting to do business in Myanmar should  be prepared to give "tea money". 

3.  Myanmar 

Somalia is in chaos due to war. Corruption is widespread, especially in  law enforcement, customs, and immigration. Citizens must pay huge sums  for protection, to leave or enter the country, and even to access basic  services like phone and internet. 

2.  Somalia 

Democratic Republic of Congo's economy is rife with corruption, from  major industries to everyday services. Bribes are needed for almost  everything, and government officials keep quiet about their decisions  and the country's finances. 

1.  Democratic Republic of Congo