Nashville School Shooting Leaves 6 Dead, Including Three Children

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Nashville School Shooting

Nashville School Shooting
Nashville School Shooting new on different media channels

On March 27th, 2023, a former student entered The Covenant School, a private Christian elementary school in Nashville, armed with AR-style weapons and detailed maps of the building. The shooter, identified as 28-year-old Audrey Hale, opened fire, killing three children and three adults before being shot and killed by police. This attack was the deadliest school shooting in nearly a year.

Police Investigate Motivations of Nashville School Shooter

As police work to piece together what led up to the violence, officials said they had determined where the shooter lived in the Nashville area and have interviewed Hale’s father. Investigators were expected to spend Tuesday processing the scene and gathering more details about what happened during the roughly 14 minutes of terror at the elementary school. Hale, who attended the Christian school years ago, left detailed maps of the Covenant School detailing “how this was all going to take place.”

Parents and Community React to Nashville School Shooting

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Nashville School Shooting

As the shooting unfolded, worried parents rushed to the school and frightened students and teachers were forced to take cover as shots rang out and police confronted the attacker, adding the grieving campus community to a long list of other US schools marked by gun violence. “I was literally moved to tears to see this and the kids as they were being ushered out of the building,” the police chief said during a Monday news conference. Shaundelle Brooks, who lost her son Akilah DaSilva during a 2018 mass shooting at a Nashville-area Waffle House, said she was brought back to that painful moment as her other son was placed on lockdown at a nearby school Monday.

Nashville School Shooting Marks the 19th School Shooting of 2023

The attack marked the 19th shooting at a school or university so far in 2023 in which at least one person was wounded, according to a CNN tally. With six victims, the shooting at Covenant is the deadliest school shooting since the attack in Uvalde, Texas, last May left 21 people dead.

Shooter Had Multiple Weapons and a Plan

Hale, who attended the Christian school years ago, left writings that pertain to the shooting and had scouted a second possible attack location in Nashville, “but because of a threat assessment by the suspect – there’s too much security – they decided not to,” police chief said. The writings revealed that the attack at Covenant School “was calculated and planned,” Metro Nashville said. Three weapons – an AR-style rifle, an AR-style pistol and a handgun – were found and police believe Hale obtained at least two of the weapons legally, Drake said.

Nashville School Shooter Identified as Audrey Hale

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President Joe Biden addressed the nation in a news conference Monday afternoon, discussing the deadly shooting at a Nashville grade school that left 3 children and 3 adults dead.

So far, little is known about the shooter. Hale graduated from Nossi College of Art & Design in Nashville last year, the president of the school confirmed to CNN, and a LinkedIn profile says Hale worked as a freelance graphic designer and a part-time grocery shopper. Police have referred to Hale as the “female shooter” and at an evening press conference added that Hale was transgender. When asked for clarification, a spokesperson told CNN Hale used “male pronouns” on a social media profile.

The Attack at The Covenant School in Nashville

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Armed with three firearms, the shooter got into the elementary school by firing through a door, beginning an attack that unfolded over about 14 minutes and spanned two floors at the school. Metro Nashville Police released surveillance video showing the moment the shooter arrived at the school, shot through glass doors, and climbed through to get inside. The video goes on to show the suspect walking through the hallways, pointing an assault-style weapon.

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